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Encode delivers a cutting edge Security Analytics & Response Orchestration platform and best of breed Cyber Security Operations and Services, empowering organizations with early warning and adaptive response capabilities against advanced cyber threats.

Encode’s powerful Enorasys Security Analytics & Response Orchestration platform enables continuous cyber situational awareness and targeted response, the only effective antidote to advanced cyber threat actors and APT attacks. The solution is customer centric, agile and delivered as a Managed Security Service, Cloud/SaaS, or on-premises solution.

With global operations and local expertise, Encode combines its cutting edge technology with best of breed Cyber Security Operations and Services to augment its clients’ cyber security capabilities for the continuous and effective management of advanced cyber threats.

Launched in 2001, Encode has conducted thousands of security projects for more than 200 major organizations. Our client-base includes European and Middle East banks, along with other major companies, telecom and public sector organizations from more than 20 countries.

The Encode difference
Encode specializes on Targeted Cyber Threats and stands out with its proprietary technology, expertise on cyber security and multiyear experience across vertical industries, coupled with on-going, innovative security research and its highly qualified and talented people.

Cutting-edge Security Analytics & Response Orchestration platform
Built by experts in data analytics, cyber offensive techniques and cyber security operations, Enorasys platform effectively automates and streamlines the “proactive threat hunting” and incident handling processes, providing Security Operations Center (SOC) and Incident Response teams with the means to hunt, track down and surgically respond to hard-to-spot malicious activity as never before.

Unprecedented Insight on Advanced Cyber Threats
Gained through hundreds of active APT simulation tests and more than 10 years of experience in responding to and assisting our clients in mitigating advanced cyber threats, our team of experts has accumulated an insight on such threats, second to none. Moreover, Encode Threat Labs enable us to stay ahead of the threat landscape, through ongoing research and development on new attack and control evasion techniques.

Unique combination of Offensive and Defensive Expertise
A key factor of our solutions is that they all encapsulate our extensive offensive and defensive expertise; knowledge build through thousands of successful engagements, ranging Extrusion Testing™ (APT Simulation Testing) and digital forensic engagements to end-to-end Cyber Defense architectures and SOC implementations for major organizations around the world.

Next Generation Managed Security Services
Our 24x7 Cyber Operations & Intelligence services “even up the score” and by fusing together cutting-edge technology with best of breed cyber security operations and talent ensures that our clients will never get caught unprepared while minimizing their security management investment.



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